Training – Szkolenia

Individual Approach to Training.

The pandemic taught us that providing the training online may be efficient and as productive as personal meetings so we do both.

However, we have pre-arranged versions of our training sessions (please see the list under) our experience shows that short prior meeting with the client allows us to use the time more efficiently.

We recommend to contact us regarding training sessions customized to the client requirements

The scope of our training covers:

  • Information management in construction according to ISO 19650
  • All aspects of BIM implementation for organizations and for projects
  • Digitalization roadmap for construction businesses.
  • Practical approach to Lean and Agile in construction

Predefined training programs – please contact us for complete programs, time allocation and pricing.

Information management in construction according to ISO19650 Course code:INF_BIM_EN_6h_2019

Information management is one of the most useful competency in construction business.  6 hours is enough to understand its principles and to start organisational improvement!

Information Management in BIM projects (ISO 19650) – Course code: INF_MAN_EN_14h_2019

This course is designed to prepare participants to improve the Information Management processes on project level in construction industry. The training takes 14 intense hours dedicated to rise efficiency of BIM projects.

Transition to BIM information exchange (ISO 19650) – Course code: INF_TRA_EN_12h_2019

BIM and Information Management are used in every design office or construction company. The training is designed to integrate that two processes in to one system based on ISO 19650 framework. The training takes 2 days of intense lectures and workshops.