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Digital Democratization

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It goes without saying that the Covid pandemic has brought about unprecedented shift in a way people approach „digital”. In Construction industry digital communication tools are present for decades however, activities such as coordination meetings, strategic discussions or project presentations to clients’ were recognized as demanding face to face interactions.

Natural consequence of  working from home was a necessity to became acquainted with basics of zoom and MsTeam meeting , chats and other ways of digital communications. Nothing new by no means but for the first time so widespread. An interesting consequence of working from home became the fact the meeting stopped being exclusively chaired by one person who happened to be connected to the main screen in the meeting room. That person controlled the only source of information discussed during the discussion.

Having all attendees dialing in from the own machines makes sharing screens of their BIM platform of choice so much easier especially when discussing design solutions. This not only enhances communication and speeds up problem resolution but also allows other team members being from the client or sub-contractor side a hands-on BIM experience not so long ago available only to design team. Democratization of digital tools allowed all to add to the discussion, express own observations or suggest alternatives using BIM information available to all.

Technology enhances communication becomes pivotal in transforming our way of working.

In result BIM moved from the realm reserved for designers to the center of strategic meeting allowing to analyze the most actual data