Consulting areas

We offer a personalized approach based on practical experience. The consultation may result in a personalized digitalization strategy, creation of standards and processes, or training tailored to the client's needs.

We are analytical, curious and not afraid to work on complex problems that require technological experience. Each area is subject to analytical thinking, taking into account a holistic approach to the client's working methods.


We direct our management consulting services to clients related to the construction industry, because that's where we come from. We offer a personalized approach based on practical experience. Each consulting project we engage in begins with an intensive understanding of the client's organization. We ask questions – lots of questions!


The scope of our training includes:

  • Construction project management in practice with BIM elements
  • All aspects of BIM implementation for organizations and projects
  • Digitalization roadmap for construction companies.
  • A practical approach to Lean and Agile in construction

We recommend contacting us regarding training tailored to your requirements.

BIM standards

  • Creating BIM standards that take into account client requirements, project specificity and the type of contracts used.
  • Organization of the data environment. Common data environment
  • Assistance in conducting pilot projects
  • Preparing the client's team to work independently in a new environment