We are practitioners for whom technology is a tool rather than a goal.

We have gained our experience while working on prestigious construction projects, both in Poland and abroad. We had the opportunity to lead multi-disciplinary design teams on various types of projects, including airports, hospitals, office buildings and museums.

Experience has shown us that the basis for the effective use of technology in construction is knowledge and understanding of the entire investment process. Both design and execution.

The process of creating construction project documentation is the time when it can be optimized the most, changes are cheap, and well-made BIM models help in spatial coordination and project management.

Realizacja budowy to faza projektu kiedy liczy się przede wszystkim czas. Skrócić go mogą optymalnie dobrane cyfrowe narzędzia wymiany i obróbki informacji.

An irreparable loss is the lack of use of digital resources from the design and construction stages during the building's operation. We will help you change that.

Zosia (Sophie) & Marcin Świerz