Access to Information and CDE in Digital Construction

Access to Information and CDE in Digital Construction

Access to Right Information at the Right Time is crucial in effective decision making process at all levels of any organization. Difficulty in locating the most up to date documents are not only delaying the work of design team but can also lead to costly mistakes on site. With growing pressure on the efficiency, Construction Industry is rapidly adopting methods of management developed in other branches of industry as Agile and Lean.

Out of the need to process large quantities of documents according to constantly optimised workflows the idea of web or network-based document management systems were born.

Over the years the names describing various tools varied, with CDE (Common Data Environment) being the most common recently.

In order to set up an efficient CDE structure, the expertise in information management specific for construction industry is essential. Success of the CDE implementation depends on purposeful arrangement of project and business processes. The method of CDE arrangement mirrors all strategic decisions and those impact on information management.

In Project-BIM we know from our hands on experience that the technology works for the benefit of the project only if the information management process is analysed and designed. The level of project information requirements is not related to its size but to its complexity.