Management Consultancy

Holistic approach to Client’s needs

Whom do we work with?

Our management consulting services are addressed to clients related to construction industry, because this is our background. We are also open to help resolving other design and project management problems not related to construction.

In general, we are more comfortable  to work with project-oriented clients than with production businesses.

Areas of management consulting.

We offer personalized approach based on hands on experience.

During our practice we have identified 5 areas where our consulting service helps the most.

  • Information management including Common Data Environment (CDE) solutions
  • Risk identification
  • application of lessons learned
  • Innovation and technology
  • Use BIM in Organisation

We are analytical, curious and do not shy form analysing complex problems requiring technical background.

Every area is a subject to analytical thinking taking into consideration holistic approaches to the client functioning methods of work.

Methods of work.

Every consulting project we commit to, starts from intense familiarization with the client’s organization. We ask questions – plenty of questions!

Based on results of above stage our client is provided with individual plan of action and diagnoses helping to establish the root cause of the problem. The diagnose may be the product itself or may allow us to provide recommendations leading to the resolution of the identified problems

The end result of the service is development of skillset and processes within Client’s organization which would help them to avoid similar problem in the future.