A (not) so long way from BIM quantity take-off to quantities for Cost Estimates & Construction Site

The quantity take-offs generated from BIM models are quick gain and one the most well-known BIM uses. This is often the first step in the process of  Bill of Quantities  preparation as well as actual  estimation of quantity of material delivered to construction site. So in most cases the data generated from the BIM model requires further  processing before it becomes the valuable information. Way 1- Quantities generated using schedule

Construction Agile BIM

Agility in Construction – BIM and Agile Mindset

The under article was originally published on LinkedIn on  July 29, 2018 The text is prepared to summarise my observations about change tendency in work culture in AECO industry.In Construction the innovation comes in many forms: new materials, new software, new construction method and so on. The list goes on and on but generalizing we aim to achieve two main goals: to build faster and cheaper with improved or unaffected

Digital Democratization

It goes without saying that the Covid pandemic has brought about unprecedented shift in a way people approach „digital”. In Construction industry digital communication tools are present for decades however, activities such as coordination meetings, strategic discussions or project presentations to clients’ were recognized as demanding face to face interactions. Natural consequence of  working from home was a necessity to became acquainted with basics of zoom and MsTeam meeting ,

BIM Dictionary po polsku!

https://bimdictionary.com/ EN: We have the BIM dictionary in Polish Language! Please use the link to see it😊. PL: Mamy to! Polska wersja słownika BIM jest dostępna! W pracy nad opracowaniem udział biorą: Anetta Kepczynska-Walczak, Paweł Przybyłowicz, Wojciech Wycichowski, Karol Argasiński Przy moim współudziale.